Billy Rafferty is the owner and principal stylist at Doggy Dooz.  He has over 25 years experience as an award-winning pet stylist and sanctioned grooming show judge.  

Billy has dedicated his life to making grooming a fun, positive experience for dogs.  He believes that grooming is more than just a show-stopping haircut.  It's about getting dogs spotlessly clean with a gentle touch and lots of love and praise.

Billy's credentials...   

  • Chicago's only Master Pet Stylist (MPS) Int'l Society of Canine Cosmetologists 
  • Dermatech Specialist (DTS) Int'l Society of Canine Cosmetologists 
  • Certified Master Groomer (CMG) Int'l Professional Groomers Association 
  • Companion Animal Hygienist (CAH)
  • Highly regarded speaker, lecturer and author of "Happy Dog" 
  • Recipient of numerous awards at national and state grooming competitions See photos...
  • Preferred pet stylist for many celebrities

About Billy 
"Many people don't realize that the grooming industry is not regulated.  Anyone can call themselves a groomer, regardless of training.  
To me, that's unacceptable.  That's why I've spent the past 25 years furthering my knowledge and completing rigorous coursework to be the best groomer I can be.  I believe my clients should expect that and that their dogs deserve the best care possible."